Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why Walker, right's favorite numbers are 211 and zero

Here are a few facts about a major gap in media coverage of Scott Walker's campaign during which formerly secret and possible illegal coordination with outside funders came to light:

* Number of days since it was reported by that Scott Walker and fourteen others met "along the shores of Lake Michigan" in 2007 to plot the takeover of Wisconsin. 211.

* Number of the other fourteen people at the meeting who have also been identified. 0.

* Number of organizations represented at the meeting which have also been identified. 0.

* Number of mainstream Wisconsin media who appear to be covering the story. 0.

* Number of references to the meeting in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's 2014 just-published and definitive profile of Walker's career and ascension to power. 0.

* Number of days until the gubernatorial election. 30.

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Anonymous said...

Guess it's up to us -- Reclaim Wisconsin!