Saturday, October 4, 2014

Who needs that pesky GAB, Bucky?

I see that GOP legislators on the Joint Finance Committee are balking at an appropriation request to fund a public education campaign about voter ID.

Having won the right to implement voter ID on the eve of the November election, sowing maximum confusion about ID requirements and availability,  the GOP and Walker are in no hurry to dilute their voting suppression.

There is also news that Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen will not defend the GAB against the latest lawsuit brought by the leading right-wing financier probed by law enforcement and regulators over possible campaign law violations in the GAB purview.

The message?  The hell with the GAB.

Not being able to hold one-party elections - - yet - - Walker's GOP will go to plan B in 2015: a trimmed, right-leaning or abolished GAB.

After that, who knows?

The Walker committee could serve as the former State Ethics Board. The Assembly Republican Campaign Committee could review candidates' financial disclosure statements, and design ballots.

Ballots would be Republican only. For certainty.

"Which Republican would you like?" A____________ B___________

"For How Many Years? Check Box: 2 Years ____ 4 Years____


Anonymous said...

You know damn well they will eliminate the GAB as soon as they get back in session. That way they control absolutely everything except for DPI BUT THEY WILL STARVE IT THROUGH NEW CUTS TO EDUCATION. Wisconsin WILL BE UNRECOGNIZABLE WITHIN 2 YEARS IF WALKER WINS. With the legislature, Supreme Court, lower courts and Judge Randa running interference Walker will institute every right wing policies that his handlers want. He will be held up as the Tea party darling while we sink into the abyss!

MAL said...

You're right about the GOP's Sword of Damocles hanging over the GAB, top staff like Mike Haas and Kevin Kennedy.

Nothing threatens GOP power like a free and fair election and a high-turnout election.

However, the defensive stance assumed by the GAB against an open attack on the formal structures of democracy by the Republican Party is as cowardly as it is deplorable.

Kennedy and Haas' first statements to the Sept 12 ruling of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit that was effective after the Election had already begun should have been: This will cause chaos, confusion and disenfranchise voters. The GAB stands ready to do its best in this ludicrous situation.

Instead, Haas and Kennedy went for job security, putting their individual needs ahead of representative democracy. I hold them in the same contempt as Scott Walker as effective collaborators.

The fact that one in five citizens do not know policy RE photo voter ID is one objective achieved for the Wisconsin GOP, no matter how Justice Kagan rules next week.

Anonymous said...

At least the GAB got away with the progressive revised ballot. That's looks like it's going to be the last gift.

At anon 4:14,
I don't think Cuts will be made to DPI. I do think the voucher program will be expanded state wide and without revenue limits because Republicans believe that free market competition choices should be left to the consumer. Perhaps a Republican controlled congress and President will abolish the US Department of Education.