Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walker's shaky ethics, media double-standards

It's time people called b.s. on Scott Walker's plagiarism charge being leveled as a campaign distraction against Mary Burke.

Yes, she had hired a careless consultant. She fired him. She's the victim here. Not Walker.

He doesn't have a leg to stand on; Walker's outrage about it all is transparently phony.

And that is the only time you will see "Walker" and "transparently" in a single, accurate sentence.

Now that Walker and his echo chamber have elevated the matter into full-blown campaign against Burke's character - -  will media begin, for example, to demand from Walker or Rebecca Kleefisch or the other top administration officials who submit op-eds for publication a list of all the authors, contributors, editors and advisers who wrote a line or paragraph or a first or s last draft, along with their citations and sourcing?

If Walker demands full disclosure of others, let him start with his own operation.

And when we're talking about Walker and ethics, remember that he hired staffers while running for Governor from the office of Milwaukee County Executive who worked just down the hall as political operatives - - not public servants - - for him and other Republicans, on public time.

Using secret equipment.

Coordinating closely with his campaign.

For some of those transgressions and related campaign finance law-breaking, six of Walker's people were charged, found guilty, fined or sentenced to jail or prison.

And he's pointing a finger over ethics? Give us all a break.

Walker's 2012 recall gubernatorial campaign is still open to investigation thanks to a recent Federal appeals court reversal of Us District Court Judge Rudolph Randa's investigation shutdown overreach despite the multi-pronged effort by Walker's right-wing media/talk radio echo chamber, big donors and legal defense fund to permanently derail it.

Ethical behavior?

"False" is still his #1 PolitiFact statement-vetted category.

And if you want to talk about failed or non-existent ethics in state government from the top-on-down  that have already had impacts on everyday people in Wisconsin, look to Walker's intentional rejection of federal medicaid funding, cuts to food stamps, reductions in pollution violation enforcement, forced closings of low-income women's health care clinics, mandated, wasteful voter ID to 'fight' no known fraud - - and a host of additional manipulations and exploitations laid down principally for Walker's personal and partisan ambition.

There's your ethically-compromised candidate, Governor and administration.


Anonymous said...

It will make my head explode if I think too deeply on this so I won't because I want to be around to vote for Burke.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything good about this slime ball? This is a question that I continue to ask the people I know who back him. There is not a single accomplishment that they can mention, yet they will still vote for him. I'm starting to think that if the people of Wisconsin are stupid enough to vote him back in, that we will get what we have coming. Unfortunately about49.9% of the voting population and future generations will suffer because of it.
The one comeback that makes me want to throw-up is when they say "he's a Christian". I then ask, since when do your Christian values make it ok to lie, steal, cheat, accept bribery, and hate? They have no answer. So my comeback is simple, when a known immoral man is elected, the majority of voters are then immoral.

Anonymous said...

"Is there anything good about this slime ball?"

Of course there is, I mean, there must be, everyone has some goodness within them, right? Hmm, I can't think of anything off hand, but I just know there's got to be something ... oh, I got it! He shows compassion towards the least fortunate among us by proposing they pee in a cup, which in turn greatly increases their chances of being able to achieve social standing in his newly created authoritarian utopia. See, I knew there was something.

Anonymous said...

Sadly he has convinced half of the people in this state that the other half are better off than they are [divide and conquer] He then convinces them that he will even things out, but in the process they totally ignore that he will not make their lives better but just make other's lives worse. The 50% buy into this crap. How else can one explain that when a company closes those that lost their jobs must now pee in a cup to obtain their legally entitled unemployment benefits. It's amazing how Wisconsin has become a place where we stab each other in the back for no reason under Walker's governing. He's instilled selfishness, envy and greed as the lifestyle of those who reside here. It won't become long before peeing in a cup is mandatory to do anything within this state!

Aunt Bee said...

Once I called someone "worthless" in front of a young Catholic priest, who replied, "No one is worthless, Bee. They can at least serve as a bad example."
Wrong Way is certainly that.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Burke's ad about this that played during the Packers/Vikings game? I though it was pretty strong. I paraphrase, but: "Yes I took ideas from other states because I'll always take good ideas to help Wisconsin. If Walker had taken the best ideas from elsewhere maybe we wouldn't be last in the Midwest in job creation. Wisconsin shouldn't be last in anything and especially not jobs."