Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The fiscal year is over; where are Wisconsin's key financial reports?

The state fiscal year ended June 30.

Will Wrong-Way Walker's appointees at the Department of Administration hold on to it through the election, with bad debt data and crummy revenue numbers from Walker budgeting and jobs fails effectively censored?

Also missing:

The State Department of Revenue's Economic Forecast for Summer or Fall.

No such DOR report since March, despite the misleading "winter 2014" title:

March 20Winter 2014 Wisconsin Economic Outlook and Winter 2014 Wisconsin Metropolitan Area Outlook

I noted this omission and situation a month ago

Anybody care?


Anonymous said...

I care.

Do non-supporters of Walker think the departments are not very competent and are not producing accurate reports in a timely fashion?

Or do they think the reports hold damaging information to Walker, so the data is being purposely withheld from the public?

Anonymous said...

What say you Milwaukee Journal Sentinel?

And if you do say anything, please do so in the Sunday edition when you're likely to reach the highest number of readers.

Anonymous said...

James, people care about many things. For the most part, I think about politics much as you do. You can have great post, I'll respond to it, and it gets censored from your blog. The time and effort taken to show "I care" has been wasted.

Blogs are supposed to foster communication. Hopefully, a deeper understanding of the topic gain be gained.

Adding something, some other relevant fact or idea, is apparently hard for you to accept from others. Is this all about your self-gratification? Is it threatening to allow someone else to express their idea, as if you were the only one allowed to express any knowledge about a topic?

As for the point of this post, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Maybe someone out there who works in journalism could do some work and find out the answers to the questions you raise.

James Rowen said...

To the last anonymous commenter. I have no idea who you are. I post nearly all the comments I get, but do delete those that seem to come from the same person repetitively, or when I feel like the main point is to yell at someone gratuitously, anonymously. I have no idea if that's you.

Ultimately, I decide. No one has a right to be heard here. That's the way it goes. People who feel they don't get their comments posted can start their own blogs, as I did.

I used to have open comments, but the profanity and slander got out of hand, and I can't and won't take the risks anymore.

Yuu'd be amazed at what some people send in.

Again, I'm not saying that's you.

Anonymous said...

I showed an economist the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's latest report (Winter 2014), and he said its writers made definitive statements about what they were expecting for the near future. The report was released over six months ago, and the economist said it would be interesting to learn if there is now empirical data to back up those definitive statements.

I asked him, "Isn't it part of the Department's job to release regular reports to the public?"

He said, "One would think so." But he wasn't sure of the rules, for he doesn't work there.

So then I asked him how to get the Department to release their more recent work. He said someone could file a freedom of information request.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I'm guessing they will be released after election day.

On a Friday.

at 4 PM.

Anonymous said...

The Annual Fiscal Report will be released on October 15th, the same as it always was.

James Rowen said...

I'lll bookmark that, thanks.

Any idea about the other report?

Anonymous said...

The economic forecasts used to be labeled by the month released. But even then, there was no set time. In 2008, they came out in May, August, and December. In 2009, it was March, June, and November. Since 2011, that changed and they started labeling by season. Further, they went from three reports in 2011 to two in 2012 to one last year. They have only done the one this year, and I am guessing they won't have another until November 20th. that is when the agency spending requests are combined with DOR revenue forecasts.