Monday, October 6, 2014

PolitiFact should check this Walker claim

His election committee sent out a fundraising email this evening, over his signature, that makes this claim:
We are up against millions of dollars from labor unions and thousands of paid staff storming into Wisconsin to help Mary Burke take Wisconsin backward.
Millions of dollars from labor unions?

Maybe - - but he who is benefiting from millions of dollars from individuals and advocacy groups also claims that he's up against "thousands of paid staff storming Wisconsin..."

That would mean, at a minimum, 2,001 paid staff storming into Wisconsin. Given the language, presumably Walker is claiming these are union paid staffers, too.

Prove that, though he could sure use a few extra thousands on local payrolls to get past the 40% job-creation performance that is dragging down his credibility.

And I sure hope he didn't copy that paid staff storming language from some other campaign's literature, email, Twitter feeds, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Politifact would find the statement true. Why you might ask? They would say that since she is getting union money and has a couple of staffers that Walker tells the truth. If you haven't noticed, the JS Politifact has been holding Walker to a much different standard than Burke.