Friday, October 10, 2014

No debate about it; time for Walker to go

The election looms to assess Walker crimes.
Too harsh a word? Then how 'bout slimes?

Either way, his tally climbs.
And a total lends itself to rhymes.

First up, worker pay was hit.
Part of the divide-and-conquer bit.

Then a Green Bay wetlands fill
for a campaign donor, through a special bill.

And a DNR that OK's spills
and for good measure, dog and wolf kills.

Later a mining bill, a $700,000 donation
given in secret with no explanation.

You don't think strings were included?
Seek health care help, since you're deluded.

And speaking of health care,
At Planned Parenthood, there's far less there, there.

And, of course, there's voter suppression,
a Walker touchstone in public expression.

He won't even say if he'll serve four years,
because he thinks the Presidency nears.

So while one debate is about to start,
the other is over. Make Walker depart.

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