Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More on the State Supreme Court's Waukesha excursion

The court holds a session in Waukesha, and I could imagine hearing these lines from certain Justices when they break for lunch:

'I saw a sandhill crane on the way in. Doesn't Joel Kleefisch live around here?'

'Too bad we couldn't take the train. I can see why the Governor uses the airport here to fly into Madison.'

'What a pleasant little downtown. I don't understand why SEWRPC moved to a building in the cornfields.'

'I bet everyone here has a photo ID.'

'Who wants to go house hunting later?'

'Now I get that line about Scott Walkersha. There isn't a Democratic legislator within 20 miles.'

'Things are so green and bustling. Do they really need more water?'

'Where's the statue of Kathy Nickolaus?'


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Anonymous said...

When's the last time they held court in Milwaukee?

nonheroicvet said...

They needed to deliver a new supply of "Get Out of Jail Free" cards to Waukesha County.