Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mary Burke voters in Wisconsin should not lack enthusiasm

Polling in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race continues to show a tight race, but there's no way that Mary Burke voters should be suffering a lack of enthusiasm right now.

Democrats and independents and first-time voters have the opportunity to be part of an historic movement, to be able to say that in 2014, after battles over ballot access and fair campaign financing you seized the opportunity to reclaim your state's legacy by:

* Electing the first female Governor in Wisconsin history.

* Defeating Scott Walker, a devious, extremist and destructive incumbent whose victims are nearly too numerous to catalog.

* Stopping the state's slide to the right, its capture by self-interested mining and industrial-scale dairy corporations, its official disregard for clean  air, water, and land, and its open contempt for voting rights, Ojibwe treaty rights, women's health care needs and everyone's fair access to livable wages, health insurance and taxation without discriminatory targeting.

* Derailing the far-right's plan to vault Walker to prominence, and sending a message to major state media that ignoring the right's admitted strategizing for Walker that began in 2007 was an unacceptable fail in public interest reporting.

If these opportunities to vote in Mary Burke, vote out Scott Walker and end Wisconsin's use by the right as a laboratory to do damage can't motivate voters - - if being stuck in the eye for four years with four more to come can't get people to the  polls - - nothing will.


Anonymous said...

This is our chance to return Wisconsin to us, the people, and to return government to the people, for the people and by the people. LETS GET IT DOWN!

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between this Scott Walker election and the last? What does Mary have over Tom Barrett? Nothing's changed on the issues.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The difference? Dem candidate isn't from Milwaukee, there's no recall to run against, and 2 more years of Walker/GOP corruption and failure.

And issues have changed- we weren't talking about minimum wage and rural schools being underfunded like we are today. Nice try, concern troll , but you're boy is in BIG trouble, and going even more negative won't help him

Joe R said...

What's the difference? Two additional years of Walker's incompetence as governor! Why would we re-hire this guy?

Anonymous said...

Increasing the minimum wage is a non-issue with undecided voters. If anything it hurts Mary because it decreases discretionary spending money for things like eating out.

Without the recall motivation over Act10 - which was ruled legal by the WSC - voters seemingly lack enthusiasm to go to the polls.

Rural schools are not being underfunded. Mary couldn't cite a district with financial hardships as a result of Act 10 when asked by a reporter, which surprised even me. As a board of education member with an MBA, I thought for sure she would cite MMSD or MPS. But then again neither district has seen the benefits because they
signed new contracts.

So, there is no failure and there is no corruption by Walker.

Try to convince me again, only talk up Mary because I get your anger at Walker, but that's not a reason for me to vote for Mary.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference?

Revelations of "pay to play" (Scott Walker's solicitation of funds from the Gogebic mining company, Gogebic's subsequent $700,000 contribution paid directly to money-launderer Wisconsin Club for Growth which funneled the money to the Walker recall campaign, and Gogebic's participation in writing the new pro-mining bill that was then introduced and passed by the Republican dominated Wisconsin Legislature),

Mismanagement of millions of dollars by WEDC (Scott Walker Chairman),

Walker's failure to meet his 250,000 jobs promise (Walker himself told us to hold him accountable if he failed to reach that goal), and if all that's not enough,

Defunding public education at all levels,

Appointing unqualified people to lead key departments (DNR for one),

An "Open for Business" approach that erodes local control and puts our environment (water, air, and neighborhoods) at risk, and

A looming budget deficit.

Sadly, there's more.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:14

Finger wagging is not enough to convince me to vote for Mary.

You need to sell me on Mary's ability to govern this state.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:06 The list above is fact, not mere finger waving. (And it's not even a the complete list of failures!) If those facts aren't enough to convince you that Scott Walker is too incompetent to lead, I'm afraid nothing will.

Anonymous said...

Again, tell me why I should vote FOR Mary Burke without bashing Scott Walker. She won't get my vote unless I'm convinced she has the ability to govern this state.

Anonymous said...

Walker has done more for Wisconsin than anyone. The people who are the most opposed to Walker are the ones who have been getting a free ride for years at the hand of Democrats like Doyle, while the rest of us pay their way. The Doyle administration nearly ran the state into the ground. That's why Walker not only won the election, but also the recall. No intelligent person would want to go where Burke will lead, because we've been there before.