Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Major WI media still ignoring major local/national Walker story

I first wrote this nine days ago, and I have updated the key numbers:

Here are a few facts about a major gap in media coverage of Scott Walker's campaign during which formerly secret, possibly illegal coordination with outside funders came to light:

Number of days since it was reported by Salon.com that Scott Walker and fourteen others met "along the shores of Lake Michigan" in 2007 to plot the takeover of Wisconsin. 211. 220.

Number of the other fourteen people at the meeting who have also been identified. 0.

Number of organizations represented at the meeting which have also been identified. 0.

Number of mainstream Wisconsin media who appear to be covering the story. 0.

Number of references to the meeting in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's 2014 just-published and definitive profile of Walker's career and ascension to power. 0.

Number of days until the gubernatorial election. 30. 21


JB said...

Contact Greg Neumann at WKOW in Madison. He is doing digging into other aspects of the Walker slime.

Anonymous said...

JB -- you miss the point. Nothing that WKOW reports will be picked up by the rest of the state nooooze.

Rowan's friends at mjs, however, catapult lies across the state and the rest of the media repeats the lies.

For example, now the media proclaims scott walker is winning the polls and therefore the race. This despite the fact that across registered voters, its a dead heat.

When the same polls had Mary Burke up among likely voters outside of the margin-of-errors by essentially the same percentage -- no media reported it as a lead.

They proclaimed it was a dead heat because it was still tied at registered voters.

The problem is the media and not whether this story (or any other) is reported.