Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brad Schimel cut sweetheart GOP deals. Twice.

Oh, Republicans. Your every move mocks transparency - - which is about the only transparent thing about your party's operation.

Especially when there's no law in your law and order.

Republican gets in trouble. Case goes to Republican Waukesha County DA Brad Schimel - - currently running for Attorney General. Trouble pretty much goes away.

Take this disclosure Wednesday.

The lawyer for convicted John Doe defendant Darlene Wink intentionally destroyed evidence on Wink's computer. The destruction of evidence took place in Waukesha County.

Schimel filed no charges against the lawyer.

Are you shocked?

Ye of short memory. Remember when Scott Jensen's pay-to-play case eventually found its way to Waukesha County?

Schimel made a deal with Jensen that reduced the felony charges the former GOP Assembly speaker had faced to a single misdemeanor. No jail.  Jensen walked.


Anonymous said...

Schimel would follow right in Van Hollen's foot steps. Look the other way when a Republican breaks the law but nail anyone else. But the attorney who wiped clean Wink's computer told investigators that the evidence was very damning but he made a copy of it before destroying the original. Where is that copy and lets get it out to the public so that we can see Walker's involvement and that of O'Keefe. If this is Doe evidence but not in Chisholm's possession lets get it into public view before our Supreme Court jumps in to quash Doe!

Jonathan Swift said...

Anon is correct, it is the Van Hollen Principal.
"It may have been illegal but it wasn't criminal" if we did it.
We need to catalog all of these examples of corruption in s nice long easy to read list.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I'm also wondering who has that other copy of the files. The OLR complaint indicates Wiesmueller had it and gave it to the "prosecutors". So maybe it's part of John Die evidence.

The cover-up by Schimel is blatant, and demands an outside investigation of its own. It's well past time for DOJ to get involved before we become even more of a Banana Republic

Boxer said...

Wiesmueller just ran for City of Waukesha attorney, running the kind of campaign you'd expect from a low-life creep like him. When the subject of his involvement with Darlene Wink's hard drive came up, he explained it all away by saying "he was just vigorously defending his client."

After further funny-business with campaign signs and sleazy literature directed at another Republican candidate's personal life, he'd managed to irritate even the Repubs in Waukesha. That takes some doing.

Brad the Schieml also declined to prosecute Bill-the-Drunken-Groper-and I-Like-the-Real-Ones-Kramer because "he knows Bill" and "attended fundraisers with Bill." Under these terms, he wouldn't be able to prosecute any Republicans, anywhere, ever.

Though Schieml's Tough on Crime stance apparently applies to 12 year-old girls, whom he recently threw the (adult) book at. They have no constituency.