Friday, October 3, 2014

After years of hostility, Walker admin hints at water quality concern

Weak on environmental issues - - wetlands ruination, shoreline development, water quality disregard, frac sand mining, dairy runoff and water table pollution, iron-mining to destroy the Bad River watershed, etc. etc., ad infinitum  - - and after specifically easing some phosphorus discharge controls - - Walker's agencies hint they might do something about phosphorus runoff.

A month before the election.

Email me if they do something real.


Anonymous said...

Brancel and Stepp. This can't be good. And what about nitrogen?

Anonymous said...

If it's such a great plan why not let the people in on it? Why not contact some experts to help draft it and have a hearing? Why the big secrete? Because there is no plan? Just a press release?

Anonymous said...

They're waiting for WMC to right the proposal!