Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yet Another GOP Donor Gets A Special Bill

Add this freshly-disclosed one-donor/GOP legislative favor - - 

Door County lawmaker seeks wetlands exemption for one lot
to this special-interest precedent set by Walker after just a few days in office - -
Walker carves out wetlands exemption for donor - -
to the more recent Joel Kleefisch/Sheila Harsdorf bell-hoping with special bills for donors - - 
Another Day, Another Favor Disclosed To A Wisconsin GOP Donor 
On top of the news that GOP State Rep. Joel Kleefisch had twice legislated for a donor comes the news that GOP State Sen. Sheila Harsdorf, (R-River Falls), got Senate approval to pay a businesswoman/donor's $217,000+ claim against the state even after other officials had rejected the claim and a review board set up to handle such disputes told the donor to take her case to court. 
Are Wisconsin legislators now nothing but special-interest bellhops?
And let's not forget the iron mining interests.

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