Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GOP Legislators In WI Want New Definition Of Marriage, Divorce

Marriage shall be between one man and one woman, but divorce is among a man, a woman, and a legislator. Preferably a Republican who understands that a man's income above $150,000 shouldn't be all tied up in support payments to a woman because when the 1%'s wealth is at stake, what's his is his.

And because campaign committees are people, too, my friend.


Jonathan Swift said...

Marriage shall be between one man and one woman. Strict constructionist: it is one and done. Why do we allow remarriage but not gay marriage?

Sandra Carson said...

Regressives (I refuse to use 'Pro'~gressive, which when used by the opposition, sounds as if an endorsement ~ slick. This is one plank in their agenda, to establish and to embed all characteristics traditionally rejected by western culture. If you object to 'gay marriage', this signals to Regressives a platform to support, endorse, and to vile any who disagree. Go to court, FORCE compliance. Referendum sez 'NO!'> too bad. Judge decrees and reverses any, "We the people" becuz their power is excessive. Use it.