Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"F"- Rated: WI, Walker Far Behind 250,000 New Jobs'-Rate

[updated] This Capital Times story cites government figures showing that just 97,500 jobs have been created in Wisconsin during Walker's first three years of a four-year term in which he pledged repeatedly to create 250,000 new private-sector jobs.

That means that Walker's promise is 90,000 new jobs off its scheduled completion - - and at the current pace he'd finish his term overseeing the addition of 130,000 new jobs, or 52% of the pledge.

In business, academic or fund-raising settings, 52% would rate an "F," as in "Fail," and "Fired." 

Note that Wisconsin is still tied for last in job growth rate improvement in our region, and is more than 30% behind the national average. 

Wisconsin added 3,000 private-sector jobs in December, according to preliminary estimates by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
That gives the state a 4.1 percent growth rate since January 2011, when Walker was inaugurated, and 97,500 jobs added. 
Illinois and Iowa also have 4.1 percent growth rates in that period. Minnesota 
is at 5.6 percent and Michigan is at 6 percent. The national rate is 6.1 percent.
Even The Journal Sentinel, which has twice endorsed Walker for Governor, took note of his "anemic" job-creation data in its editorial on the State of the State speech:
Without a doubt, economic conditions have improved on Walker's watch. The unemployment rate is down, and the state's businesses are hiring. But Walker is nowhere near meeting his pledge that businesses would create 250,000 jobs during his first term, and Wisconsin's job growth is anemic compared with other states. The state is 37th in the nation in private-sector job growth under Walker.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly his job's failure won't matter. With all the money and power of the legislature his tax cuts will take center stage and campaign ads will not even mention jobs as the ads will feature lies and propaganda about how well WISCONSIN is doing. It won't be mentioned that 2300 teachers have left, that education is destroyed and that public employees lost $1,000's in take home pay that removed $1 billion from our economy. Nor will how he has killed healthcare be in his ads. Wages and benefits are at 1980's purchasing power and big box retailers paying minimal or part-time money are the top employers in this state. We need a candidate who can portray the real plight of the majority of Wisconsin's citizens with truth, honesty and compassion because of inside knowledge of the behind the scenes workings of Walker and his legislators and Burke can't do that. We needed Vinehout as she has witnessed first hand Walker's corrupt manner and she has no skeletons in her closet. Walker's got a lock on this government for as long as the voters ignore the truth of Republican abuse of power. The people are no longer represented...just money and wealth!