Monday, January 13, 2014

Walker In State Ads, Video While Christie Is Ripped For Similar Practice

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being criticized and investigated for starring in US taxpayer-paid advertising promotions.

Different ads, different states, different source of taxpayer funds, yes - - but Scott Walker has done a similar thing by appearing in taxpayer-provided ads.

He's still right here in a video featured on a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation website.

Another similarity: both Governors are probable 2016 GOP presidential candidates.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they can share a cell in federal prison. We can hope!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The comparisons are truly remarkable, aren't they? It's why Walker has ZERO chance of being a national candidate, because at least Christie is intelligent enough to answer questions when asked. And 2 weeks ago, Christie said the Bridgegate story was "nothing but politics." (sound familiar?)

Speaking of, Jason Stein's story today on how United Sportsmen is a part of John Doe Deux is intriguing. Much like with Christie, someone's going to tie all of these connected strands together, and there aren't enough AM radio stations in Wisconsin to lie their way out of it once that happens.