Thursday, January 16, 2014

Joel Kleefisch Needs An Irony Filter Before He Writes

I knew that GOP Rep. Joel Kleefisch's weekly E-newsletter distributed today would make no mention of the saturation coverage all week of the now-withdrawn bill he'd let a wealthy donor help write to allow wealthy earners in divorce to keep more of their income by reducing their child support payments.

Yet Kleefisch bizarrely highlighted in the newsletter's first item his recent testimony in favor of a separate child and family protection bill he described this way: 

Assembly Bill 581 creates safe guards [Sic] to ensure parents are not putting their interests ahead of the children they are responsible for.
He testified at the same committee that on Wednesday had to cancel its hearing into the bill Kleefisch had let the donor help draft. 

The newsletter looks like an effort to fool his constituents into thinking this was Kleefisch's participation with the committee this week with child and family welfare front and center.

Perhaps the constituents heard a different Kleefisch - - the one thudding under the bus - - on the Sykes show.

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Boxer said...

Kleefisch needs an idiot filter before he proposes any additional legislation.