Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bad Call In Waukesha

When the President of the United States comes to your small city and hails cutting-edge job growth there, you welcome him and the Presidency.


Anonymous said...

Scrima says, "The job growth in his city is due to assistance from local governments and entrepreneurship, according to Scrima."

Read more from Journal Sentinel: http://www.waukeshanow.com/communitywatch/waukesha-mayor-jeff-scrima-to-skip-barack-obama-visit-to-ge-plant-b99193912z1-242475851.html#ixzz2rkQXPOqe
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Sorry for the J/S ad.

Wow. Did GE get a TIF loan from Waukesha or something else from Scrima? Waukesha Engine has been in Waukesha for 100 years. And now Scrima is taking credit for their growth?

Waukesha Engine's recent growth and coming rapid expansion is thanks to private sector American ingenuity, not government intervention.

Horizontal boring and fracking technology is making America energy independent and Waukesha Engine is a beneficiary of that energy boom.

The President has come to realize that the renewable energy market with government subsidizes didn't create the jobs he envisioned, but the free market does and did.

I knew he'd come around.

Bill Kurtz said...

Stay classy, Waukesha.