Friday, January 17, 2014

Dems Trying To Rebuild Wisconsin Water Law

There is a legislative initiative effort by two Democratic lawmakers to save Wisconsin land and water from the worst aspects of the iron mining law that was pushed through the GOP-run Wisconsin Legislature at the behest of Gov. Walker and GTac, a mining firm intending to open an open-pit mine in the Bad River watershed near Lake Superior up north.

The lawmakers aim to put water preservation first - - certainly a good idea, given the primacy of water in state history, to the Wisconsin economy, and to life itself. (Google: West Virginia, mine, river pollution news.)

Then Google Wisconsin, iron mine, pollution, acid mine drainage news. Get the picture?

I doubt the bill can pass the GOP's special interest servitude, and probably will not even get a hearing that GOP leaders would have to allow, but it's a start and a necessity, as the GOP has passed a slew of bills that dangerously weaken state water law.

Some details of what's happened over the last three years are in this posting - -

Ultimate GOP Environmental Target In Wisconsin Is The Public Trust Doctrine 

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