Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two More Shocking Disclosures In Kleefisch Donorgate

Thanks to the Wisconsin State Journal online this evening, we learn:

* That Assembly Bill 540 withdrawn under pressure today that State Rep. Joel Kleefisch, (R-Oconomowoc) had let a wealthy donor help draft, and that could have reduced payments ordered by a court to the donor's ex-wife, was the second sweetheart divorce/finance measure for the donor that Kleefisch had attempted to pass.

That earlier effort failed, too. 

The donor had given the maximum allowable campaign donations maxed to Rep. Kleefisch on more than one occasion and was also a big donor to spouse Rebecca Kleefisch, the Lt. Governor and Scott Walker, too. 

* And look at the flat-out disgusting comment on the Kleefisch bill withdrawn today made by a supporter, State Rep. Tom Larson, (R-Colfax), the chairman of the Assembly committee on Family Law [Sic] - - that had been all set to rubber stamp Kleefisch's bill before the State Journal began to sink it.

 Reports the State Journal: 

Rep. Tom Larson, R-Colfax, chairman of the Assembly Committee on Family Law, had defended AB 540 on Monday.
“There’s some value in having some hardship with life," Larson said. "Even if I were a rich person, I probably would struggle a little bit to make sure my kids earned what they get. What’s the purpose of this money going to child support if it’s only going to create a child with maybe less values?”
He thinks children in homes of divorce need financial hardship to help them acquire values he supports. What does he know about other people's children and how they are being raised, nurtured, trained?

What kind of ideologically-twisted and interfering judgmentalism is that?
"...create a child with maybe less values?" 
Who made him the finger-wagging preachy Uncle to every child of divorce? Who's he to lecture people about the need to manufacture hardship for their children?

He's a one-and-a-half term Assemblyman. Here's his bio. I don't see a degree in child psychology, or family counseling in his background.

Get him off the Committee on Family Law. He can do too much damage there sticking the clenched fist of Big Government into relationships and particularly into the lives of kids in divorce who already have had hardship reality pushed in to their lives without their consent. 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Classy group, aren't they? And both are in very vulnerable districts. Time to make em pay

Pops said...

C'mon give the guy a break. Maybe he's preparing to introduce measures to increase the estate tax to prevent "trust bums". This is just his first comment on the entitlement mentality of wealthy children.

Gareth said...

Once again, Republicans love the fetus but hate the child. Their ideology is all about dominance over women, punishing them and their children. These people are sick degenerates. I wonder how many of them were the victims of child abuse and are now looking to spread the pain.

dan said...

Over at the link the story says both the millionaire AND his Ex contributed the maximum the the Kleefisches and Walker. Perhaps John Doe 2 would like to ask the Ex about whether she made these donations or not?