Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Very Strong State Of The Union Speech

From domestic issues - - wage equality, voting rights, health care - - to foreign policy - - no more permanent war footing, and pledge to veto new Iran sanctions. A strong speech and emotional conclusion with the introduction of the grievously wounded Ranger. Very effective.
(Headline corrected from "State of the State" speech. My bad.)


clbwi said...

State of the Union - Obama rocks!!

Anonymous said...

My wife left the room and honestly, I fell to sleep.

I respect the office. But the man has no credibility left. I had to read between every line spoken.

Bill Clinton must have had significant influence over the speech writing.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - great speech.

Anonymous Too said...

@ Anonymouse Jan 29, 4;58 am.

So you fell asleep watching TV in the evening: must have been a long day at the moron factory.