Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's Our Problem, Bucky?

Seems we're often on the wrong end of national findings; this time it's flu vaccination rates.
Not long ago, data showed Wisconsin behind nationally and regionally in seat belt usage.

Also,we are on the wrong end of these rankings:
* Binge drinking.
* Overall drop in health among states.
* Fewest criminal charges for first-time drunk driving.
* Last in science education standards.

Should our state motto be, 'Wisconsin: We Don't Give a Damn.'


enoughalready said...

And of course, please don't forget that Milwaukee leads the nation in its incarceration rate of black males.

Also, our proportion of adults, ages 25 to 34, with college degrees is closer to that of Mississippi than that of Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. Dean Wermer

Anonymous said...

New science standards are being written and they sound very interesting. It sounds like there will be a lot emphasis on critical thinking

Anonymous said...

New Wisconsin state slogan: Why does all this bad stuff keep happening to us?

A typical democrat voter said...

I'm not really that smart, nor do I pay attention to things much, but did all of these things happen during the 3 years while Walker was in office?

If so, I'll vote for the other guy next election.