Friday, January 24, 2014

True To Form, Walker's Big Speech FUBAR Was Someone Else's Fault

We've noted here before that when things do not go Walker's way, he blames others. Six-year-olds do this as a responsibility-evasion reflex, but a Governor? Leadership by finger-pointing?

When Walker and his administration were embarrassed Thursday by the discovery that one of the prop people on stage while The Gov. touted new in-state hires was in fact a convicted sex offender/repeat drunk driver- - deflecting attention from the Big Failed 250,000 New Jobs' Promise - - Walker blamed the company that answered his office's call for speech prop people:
"This particular individual was one of the last people added. He came from a credible employer in the state who gave us the suggestion at the last minute."


gilmuni said...

And her's the thing Jim. He could have turned this into a compassionate conservative plus for him. Let's be clear. I don't know if Christ barber lied to get his job. But that doesn't detract from the fact that he needed a job just like thousands of other Wisconsinites and he faces a barrier many don't. He's been in prison and yes for a sex crime. There are 23 thousand at least on the registry. Some of them may have gotten jobs recently despite their criminal record.Don't we want them working? rather than committing new crimes getting convicted and winding up costing us all more than 30k a year to house and feed? We should be celebrating more sex offenders getting jobs as long as they're no in schools or day care centers i guess. But making snow blowers is fine with me and good for them. Walker should own this and promote more work for ex offenders sex offender or not.

Gareth said...

The Governor depended on his private sector cronies to vet his human stage props and has thus learned the valuable lesson --assuming he is capable of retaining information in conflict with his ideology-- that the "job creators" can be just as incompetent as any other human being.