Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Waukesha Getting Greener, As Money Must Grow On Trees There

Christopher L. Wiesmuller, a candidate for Waukesha City Attorney, put some ideas about water for potential voters to consider in a letter to The Freeman last week:

To the editor: Waukesha has worked diligently to build a water diversion proposal that will meet all the requirements of the Great Lakes Compact. So, what if one of the eight governors vetoes our water application? The short answer is: We should sue...
Therefore, if we have done all we can do to gain approval from the Great Lakes council and fail, we can and should sue for a court order allowing us a diversion under the compact. We must be ready to continue the fight for our right to clean, sustainable drinking water. 
As your city attorney, I’d be ready to aggressively litigate our quest for water. 
That kind of litigation would make the money Waukesha flushed away some years ago unsuccessfully fighting a federal radium standard look like peanuts.

Failed litigation that led to clean water compliance expectations in Waukesha that further litigation could easily delay and make more costly.

"Sue…fight…litigate…" That's a strategy? Seriously?

Does Waukesha really want to take on some or all of eight Great Lakes states, the Great Lakes Council of Governments, two Canadian provinces, and the national governments in both Ottawa, Canada and Washington, DC that have all ratified or signed the Great Lakes Compact?

On behalf of tens of millions of people who rely on a well-managed shared and finite resource under the Compact for their drinking water?

Not to mention the counter-litigation by taxpayers, environmental organizations, etc., sure to rain down on Waukesha like a 100-year flood? 

Holding up further compliance with clean-water provision for years, and certainly busting through a court-ordered June, 2018 deadline which Waukesha has signed?

To paraphrase those Capital One credit card TV ads, 'How Big Is Your Wallet,' Waukesha?


Max B. said...

"Sue…fight…litigate…" That's a strategy? Seriously?

That IS Wiesmueller's campaign strategy! Good luck!

This guy already has a huge credibility gap in that he was Kelly Reindfliesch's attorney who advised her to delete electronic files (presumeably damning ones) from her computer. For all of his good work he received a reprimand from the State Bar Association.

Anonymous said...

Was this guy out of law school when the application was submitted 4 years ago?

When the 2018 court ordered deadline rolls around, the mayor, the common council president, and the water utility manager need to be thrown in jail for contempt of a court order and stay there until the radium compliance order is met.

And they also should be held personally responsible for the daily fine.

Now, mayoral candidates, what say you on how you will fix the jam the city is in?

Anonymous said...


Gareth said...

Waukesha needs to begin work on a serious water conservation program. They can start by consulting with the notorious socialist-communist haven, the city of Las Vegas, to learn what it has accomplished. It turns out government really can do some things well, despite what her holiness Ayn Rand said.