Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flashback: Madison Media, Blog Noted Controversial Kleefisch Donor In 2012

Take a look at this posting about the multi-millionaire/business donor currently in the news to whom Rep. Joel Kleefisch turned over the legislative drafting process. We're talking state tax debts and a connection to a key John Doe I defendant, Kelly Rindfleisch, Scott Walker's Milwaukee County Deputy Chief of Staff.

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Anonymous said...

Is Eisenga or his company in any way connected to Card Holder Services (or similar names) that has, like Eisenga's company, obtained Wisconsin's do-not-call list? Card Holder Services and the similar groups robocall and offer special credit rates. They are all sham companies, designed to bilk vulnerable people and the FTC has been chasing them down for years. The above suspicion comes from the use of the do-not-call list. These companies sell their lists to each other and use similar pitches. Just wondering. Might be a worthy research topic.