Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kleefisch FUBAR Puts Higher-Ups In Media Coverage

You can't help but notice that reporting Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch have been dragged into the coverage of State GOP Rep. Joel Kleefisch's Donorgate FUBAR.

This Capital Times story about the scandal contains a photograph showing Scott and Tonette Walker and the Kleefischs, and lest you think the photo selection is proof of media bias, a separate story reported on the Internet platform carrying the Waukesha Freeman, a very conservative paper in the Kleefischs' home county, is illustrated with a photo of Joel and Rebecca Kleefisch.

The Kleefischs are both former reporters, so neither should be surprised at what is just part of Political Media 101.

What is surprising is Joel Kleefisch's lack of concern about letting such a big donor into the legislating-writing process - - the second big law-making favor he'd done for the donor - - and helping create a paper trail that led right to Kleefisch's Assembly office door.

And a shove under the bus by conservative talker Charlie Sykes.

Flunking Political Media 101.

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