Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monday's Lead Question in Kleefisch Donorgate

Does Republican Waukesha County DA Brad Schimel have the courage and public policy neutrality to open an investigtion into local GOP Assemblyman Joel Kleefisch's single-party special interest legislating where the donor got to help write the bill?

The #Donorgate case in which Kleefisch, unlike Chris Christie, can't cry 'bad staff work!'

One big clue to the likely "no" from Schimel is the sweet deal he negotiated with formerly-convicted Brookfield GOP Assemblyman Scott Jensen. Partisanship rules.


tomkraj said...

sleaze galore. But would you challenge anyone with?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you think that Kleefisch would have the decency to apologize and then resign. This was pure and simple "PAY for Play" POLITICS of which Wisconsin is all about under this governor and legislature. Surely this must violate legislative ethics rules although with his colleagues in control we know he'll get a pass. He's a clown and the people of his district and this state should be embarrassed enough to recall him. But we know short of murder recall is no longer allowed. Maybe Van Hollen could do one noble thing on his way out the door and charge Kleefisch with misconduct in public office and Joel could have Charlie Sykes defend him in a real court instead of the kangaroo court he calls his show.