Friday, January 31, 2014

Pres. Obama's Smart Thursday Trip To Waukesha

Team Obama picked a good spot to insert the President after his State of the Union speech by sending him to showcase industrial manufacturing and training programs in Waukesha.

Of course, Waukesha is Republican turf, but so much the better, as the President was able to surround himself with an upbeat and diverse crowd while pitching ideas that might not be entirely popular there, such as a boost in the minimum wage or a strong government presence in employment support.

I'll bet the President won new friends in Waukesha or neutralized some detractors who tend to get their daily spin from far-right talk radio and Republican activists who have spent years demonizing him.

So kudos to the President and his strategists for picking a good place to bring the Commander-in-Chief and his message about practical government programs yesterday.

And, by the way, the non-issue of Mary Burke's decision to continue campaigning elsewhere is just that, a non-issue. Had she been there, many of the same fake Burke critics on the right would have bashed her for bringing partisan politics to a non-partisan Presidential visit.


Anonymous said...

Realistically, Mary Burke was wise to not attend the event in Waukesha. You had the POTUS touting job creation in the heart of Republician controlled Waukesha County which made Scott Walker look really good. Even Jim Doyle couldn't say anything negative because there's been over 100,000 new jobs in Wisonsin since he left office.

It was nice that the democrats were able to find enough Milwaukee politicians to come to Waukesha for the event. Not to many here. Problem was the perception that the President made the event too political rather than partisan. Although it would have been as difficult to introduce the Waukesha County Executive, Dan Vrakas as pronouncing the Milwaukee County Executive, Chris Abila. It was just plain and simple partisan.

It was also nice to see that even though Mary Burke couldn't attend, it was nice to see Scott Walker participate in a partisan action at the airport with the President. I'm sure he was eyeing up AF 1.

And, It was nice to attend the event and have front row access, but the President sure did keep everyone waiting way too long - like 3 1/2 hours.

Sorry James, but nothing changed my opinion about the man and his political agenda. I was there out of respect for the position of Commander and Chief.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Burke not being there is a total non-issue. She's not officially the Dem nominee, and she had prior arrangements. Then they could give words of support to the top Dem in the country

What IS an issue is that she and her staff couldn't give this easy answer, and gave some rambling excuse that sounded really dumb. I'm really questioning who are the dopes running Burke's (very low-key) campaign at this point, because they seem to be a step behind where they should be.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh, and if "Anonymous" is going to claim to have been at the event, you may want to put your name on the post, so we know you're not BSing us

Anonymous said...

No BS Jake. I was there.

I've yet to see you post your name.

About Burke - buying a school board seat and having no political experience is a real liability for the democrats. It doesn't matter if she's the "official" candidate or not. Tag. She's it.

And YES she should have been there with all the other important politicians in the party at a function in the heart of conservative country. It would have at least shown courage if nothing else. I see it as a weakness.

Anonymous said...

I going to be the guy that says "I told you so."

Boxer said...

To the Anonymice posting about your Big Deal front row seat at the GE presidential visit and pontificating about what Mary Burke should or shouldn't have done, and does she have political experience**, blah, blah, blah . . . yeah, the Dems should take YOUR advice on campaign strategies. Need I mention only a few of the winning strategies on the GOP hit parade: cuts to Head Start? birthers? transvaginal ultrasounds? moon colonies? elimination of federal agencies such as EPA, DOE and oops-I-can't-remember-the-third-thing? access to health insurance harms Americans? government shut-downs? mo' partisanship? Yeah, they're some real winners. Send us some more.

**Funny how suddenly political experience is now critically important to the governorship. When Walker ran--and he had plenty of political experience and not much else--he ran on an "Open for Business" and job creation platform, both wildly unsuccessful. While Burke has the real-world business and job creation experience--and a stint at running a state agency (altho not as as brief a stint as some of Walker's "pass-through" crony jobs--could THAT be what he meant when he said he'd create jobs?) so it appears that you tea-partier Walker-lovers are still makin' up shit, in the fine tradition of former MU student, Scott Walker. He may have been "eying up AF1," as you say, but he'll have a better chance of getting on it if he gets a job re-stocking beverage carts.

Anonymous said...

"Send us some more."

Get ready.

Walker's been elected twice already even without election reforms. Opps! That one didn't make your list.

Anonymous said...


" She's not officially the Dem nominee, and she had prior arrangements."

That's B.S.

She wasn't invited.