Monday, January 27, 2014

Rand Paul's New 'Strategy': Anti-Hillary Misogyny-By-Proxy

Yeah, that's a great plan, Rand Paul: attack Hillary Clinton by dredging up the 20-year-old Monica Lewinski/Bill Clinton affair.

And throw in the bizarre claim that Bill Clinton got a pass from the media over it.

The media that gorged on stories through Bill Clinton's second term about the scandal and his impeachment?

What a stupid, desperate plan, but have at it, Tea Partiers: both the Clintons are immensely popular and Rand Paul is coming off as the GOP's misogynist of the week.


Unknown said...

War monger Clinton is far worse than Rand Paul.

tomkraj said...

Media whore thy name is R.P.

Gareth said...

I'm surprised Rand Paul didn't bring up JFK and Marilyn Monroe, or how about poor Jimmy Carter lusting in his heart? LBJ was from Texas so he get's a pass as does Truman who dropped two A-bombs, the favorite me-too fantasy of the increasingly erratic John McCain. This brings us to FDR, the man referred to by good Republicans back-in-the-day as Franklin D. Rosenfeld. He had a mistress too and is the obvious source of all evil in America, just ask Rush "Oxycontin" Limbaugh. But the Conservatives are good at holding a grudge and maintaining the chain of historical slander, if nothing else. Read some Libertarian blogs and you will discover that after nearly 100 years they still get hysterical over Woodrow Wilson.

And they wonder why they have a problem connecting with younger voters.

Boxer said...

Gee, I just read on Daily Kos that according to female opportunity expert Rand Paul, the war on women--if there ever was one, sez him--was already won. By women. Because the women in his family never complain about lack of opportunity.

When will these guys ever pull their heads out of their own rear ends long enough to see that the world ain't always about me, me, me, me me me me me me?