Monday, January 13, 2014

GTac Playing Mine Games With The DNR

So the DNR says on December 20th it wants more information from GTac mining about its plans to remove many tons of test rock samples. GTac responds on January 8th that the DNR has no statutory right at this point to ask for the information - - then says it will provide it without acknowledging the DNR's right to seek it.

Here's the company letter to the DNR. File under "chutzpah:"
Your request for the categories of additional information set forth in your December 20 letter and the specification of "procedural and informational requirements" is not authorized by the statutory requirements governing the bulk sampling process...
To the extent any of the information you have requested in your December 20 letter may be useful to the Department in considering GTAC's application, I am providing the following responses to the eleven categories of additional information you have requested. However,I am doing so only to move the process forward rather than as an acknowledgement that the Department has the authority to supervise or manage the bulk sampling activity beyond the review and approval of the stormwater application and the application for exemption from an air pollution operation permit. 
File also under 'when the games were just beginning, and who's trying to influence the refs.'

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Anonymous said...

Also file under 'heads we win, tails you lose.'

Additionally, file under 'prepare to be prossercuted no matter what.'