Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Tale Of Two Governors Who Faced Allegations Of Bad Staffing

One held a two-hour apology news conference, then went to the site of his staff's FUBAR to further personally apology.

The other said he'd done nothing wrong, then set up a legal defense fund and still won't say what he told investigators.

You decide which is Chris Christie and which is Scott Walker.


Sue said...

Yes and no.
One governor held an apology press conference during which he did not take real responsibility for what happened. He stated that he fired his deputy chief of staff because she lied to him, not because of her actions; either way a subordinate took the blame. He did this after news organizations refused to back down in spite of this governor's dismissal of the story and his ridiculing of and anger at reporters. What started as a local story by persistent reporters has turned into a national story and questions are still being asked.
The other governor said he'd done nothing wrong and for the most part the media in the state said 'oh, ok'.
Personally I think it's a tale of two regional media groups.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Bingo Sue. It's the difference between a real media, and the paid-off garbage that we get in Wisconsin.

It's why Walker has ZERO chance as a national politician

Gareth said...

The metropolitan New Jersey and New York area has too many major news outlets to let a story like this one pass by. Wisconsin has a lapdog media which barely functions at even a minimal level of curiosity, and the owners really-really do want those campaign ad dollars.