Thursday, January 23, 2014

Walker Cites Tribes, Tourism In Same Breath

[Updated from Wed. 7:55 p.m.] Will Walker's open-pit mine/mountain top removal and acid-mine leakage bring tourists to Northwestern Wisconsin as it wipes out the Bad River Band's drinking water and rice-growing estuaries?

And what about the multiple millions of tons of fill and so-called over-burden stripped and then dumped in the region's lakes, rivers and streams.

That attracts anglers, how exactly?

Yet he managed to say this in last night's State of the State speech - - Mining Walker morphed into Walleye Walker: Doesn't he see the contradiction?

During the past summer, we made a strategic investment, which will boost Wisconsin's $2.3 billion sport fishing industry; and in less than a year, we have already increased stocking more than four times over, putting 440,000 walleyes into our lakes. In the coming years, resorts, guides, bait dealers, marinas, and all of the other local businesses that depend on good fishing will benefit as Wisconsin becomes the premiere destination for walleye fishing in the Midwest. Yet another reminder that Wisconsin is fun in all four seasons.  
 Since I took office, the economic impact of the tourism industry has grown by $2 billion to $16.8 billion. We have many great partners, including our 11 tribal governments across the state. After years of cuts to the tourism budget, we put more resources in for marketing in 2011 and, again, in 2013. It is paying off as people see the value for their money in Wisconsin_as well as the incredible hospitality and, most importantly, the FUN at tourism sites all across our great state.


Gareth said...

Don't forget the fine particle air pollution from the unregulated frac sand mines in western Wisconsin. As a person with a serious lung condition, I can't even visit my hometown anymore as it's surrounded by sand mines owned by out-of-state corporations.

By the way, that's where all the profits from the sand mines are going, out-of-state. Wisconsin citizens will be left with the clean-up costs.

Jonathan Swift said...

The out of state profits come back as campaign contributions which create jobs in the media. Ever wonder why we get such good info from them? Sorry to read of your resp condition,
wish you well.