Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Little Men Running Wisconsin's Legislature Get Even Smaller

In a rough economy, and having already foisted austerity on public employees, transit riders, and low-income residents through tax policy, Wisconsin legislative leaders first wanted bigger offices and grand staircases to reflect their images and serve their partisan 'needs.'

Now there is talk of larding up on more taxpayer dollars to enlarge their expense accounts - - which are tax-free, so taxpayers and public treasuries are hit twice by the freebies' cost - - which they can claim and pocket for a full daily payment even if they merely set foot in the State Capitol on any given day.

Talk about a sweet, deal - - a neat, second-income - - tax-free, too.

Legislators already get free cellphones, mileage reimbursements and other perks; leaders get enough taxpayer support funding to hire a retinue of spokespersons and chiefs of staff.

What's next? Country club memberships? Clothing allowances? Massages? A motor poll, perhaps? Servants? 

Is there a limit to this greed, hypocrisy, real-world isolation and flat-out arrogance?


Betsey said...

What's next? Manicures and pedicures for the stressed-out legislators.

Anonymous said...

Certainly they ought to up their wages and per diem. Limos with drivers would be nice, especially after a night out on the town. And certainly cosmetic surgery for those who can't show their faces to constituents....