Saturday, December 15, 2012

Did Walker Signal 'Right-To-Work' As 2014 Campaign Issue?

Gov. Scott Walker tells the Journal Sentinel that he will not support or sign any 'Right-to-Work' legislation in the upcoming session - - and by the way, he really, really wants it known he's not engaging in any "wink and nod" tactics (now why would Gov. 'Drop The Bomb' have to so beg to be believed?) - - but here's how he left the door open to getting the bill to his desk:

Gov. Scott Walker signaled he wouldn't pursue any new bills on public or private unions in the coming legislative session and wouldn't touch the issue of right-to-work legislation until it had been debated as part of an election...
"If we ever had a (right-to-work) discussion like that in the future, it's something we'd have going into an election."
And how easy would it be for a stalking horse or outside group to insert the issue into the campaign, giving Walker the issue without the direct or open responsibility for having introduced it?

'Well, since you brought it up, it sounds like a modest proposal to me...'


nonquixote said...

He may have signaled something about his planned next run, campaign already proceeding with closed door, "public," factory visits, but WPR's Shawn Johnson was probably more to the point of referring to what Walker said about not signing the legislation.

Johnson reminded listeners that In Wisconsin bills that are not signed or vetoed by a governor immediately become law within six days of landing on this "governor's," desk.

Kleefisch isn't going to put this to rest, with ALEC models out there already simply needing a little tweaking to claim, "original," authorship. I believe this presumption is as fair as any.

Thanks for staying on the issue.

nonquixote said...

My apologies, removal same day voter registration was stuck in a brain loop with my first comment, but right-to-work could very likely fit the same scenario of landing on the "governor's" desk and he could let it sit there for six days while he was traveling the state raising campaign money.

(Note to self, coffee before commenting)

I am fully on board with the concept of Walker not telling the truth as being any time he opens his mouth and he is not in the process of stuffing a ham sandwich in there.

Can you read between the lines? said...

The JS was way to nice to him in their interviewing process but perhaps that is their tactic- buddy up with the sociopath and he will reveal. Yet I would have asked him a direct question - yes or no !!