Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boehner Goes Down

Obama outfoxes another Republican.


Anonymous said...

Please expound...

Anonymous said...


You're portraying the proposed sell-out of FDR's legacy by a self-described blue dog "Democrat" through chained-CPI austerity on seniors as a victory?

It's only the looneys on the right-wing who are keeping Social Security intact (for all the wrong reasons, of course).

Boener shot himself. YOUR CANDIDATE is intent on putting the knife into his consituents and betraying FDR's legacy.

Yeah, that's foxy alright. THE FOX IS GUARDING THE HENHOUSE.

nonquixote said...

Likely self-inflicted rather than anything of Obama's doing.

Do tell or link, please. Great Friday teaser or art of the world has ended.