Sunday, December 16, 2012

Use Social, Electronic Media To Organize Against Gun Violence

I posted this over at the Purple Wisconsin site:

Obama says this is the time for action

That the country can't tolerate mass shooting mayhem anymore. 
He's the President, and he needs to lead a national conversation with depth, and with outcomes, because we failed those kids and families and school staffers in Newtown
This is not and should not be a partisan issue, nor is it a geographic, urban/rural or left vs. right problem.
It's a national, all-inclusive. American matter.
Social media and blogs like these at Purple Wisconsin can be a forum for civil and productive debate. We are not hopeless, or helpless. We can reduce the national gun-violence death toll.


Reagan's Disciple said...

I'll be contacting my state representatives and encouraging them to pass legislation eliminating the "gun free zones."

Here is an interesting read by John Fund.

It really debunks some of the misguided liberal theories on gun violence and should open your eyes.
Your "safe" zones are simply in your imagination.

SKC said...

I'm skeptical of conversation. Action is action, not talk. But if it's a focused, timelined conversation, in which a a bill gets drafted and passed and signed in a specific time period, then maybe a conversation. But not a compromise bill. A comprehensive bill.

nonquixote said...

Thanks for this continued coverage and focus on domestic citizen gun violence, Mr Rowen.

Let us not forget though, that Obama, (who failed in every manner to earn my vote this cycle), doesn't appear yet to be as concerned about the results of MIC overseas disaster capitalism, shoot up a country and come in to hoard the natural resources for multi-national corporations. How about some compassion for the 800K-1M estimated Iraqi children that have lost one or both parents and the Tuesday kill sessions at the White House, each week with strikes on innocents and continual threats of terror from drone strikes for children and parents in Afghanistan and in Pakistan, creating more hate toward the US daily, than was there the day before.

Time for us to be holding someone's feet a lot closer to the fire and not just in the good ole USA, ya think?

Reagan's Disciple said...


Sorry, the Democrat party only control the senate and the presidency. Regardless of the issue, they will need to compromise with the Republicans.

I know the emotions run high on this issue, but cooler heads and a more reasoned approach will certainly be needed to come to any type of agreement if one is reached at all.

After all, it takes a lot to amend the constitution.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Personally, I am very glad that John Fund and other conservatives feel so strongly about drastically increasing our societal commitment to identifying and properly treating (beyond just prescribing Big Pharma cash cow pills) people with mental health issues. Perhaps we can all agree to also work toward removing the stigma of mental ill-health.

The "gun-free zones are the REAL danger" would be a laughable argument, if it wasn't designed to avoid real action that could reduce the appalling rate of gun violence in our country.

Anonymous said...

I think mass murder in schools should be outlawed and stiff penalties should be imposed on those who break this law. problem solved

Anonymous said...

Stiff penalties for this particular atrocity will have zero deterrence effect on someone intent on committing the combination homicide/suicide act.