Monday, December 24, 2012

Who Will Propose Arming Fire Fighters?

Now that, in this Year of the Shooter, fire fighters responding to a fire have been shot and killed in NY state: Will every hook-and-ladder have a trained police officer positioned in a turret behind a .50 cal. machine-gun? Can you picture fire fighters wearing body armor, or dropping their gloves to reach for their sidearms?

WEBSTER, N.Y. — Four volunteer firefighters responding to a pre-dawn house fire were shot Monday morning, two fatally, leading to a shootout in suburban Rochester, N.Y., police said.

“One or more shooters” fired at the firefighters after they arrived shortly after 5:30 a.m. at the blaze near the Lake Ontario shore, just east of Rochester, Town of Webster Police Chief Gerald Pickering said.
Church worshippers, movie goers, teens walking home, day spa employees and customers, teems listening to music in cars, teachers, first-graders, fire fighters...

Are there enough guns to insure everyone's safety - - from guns and their owners - - in this already-armed society with half the world's firearms - - or already too many guns?


Anonymous said...

I am wondering why you are not focusing on the violent action of the shooter rather than the weapon used. Murderous violence and what is behind it, is the issue which should be focused on. Obsessive focus on the guns merely diverts attention away from solving the real cause.

Anonymous said...

Right now it looks like the murderer is William Spengler who was a convicted murderer who killed his grandmother with a claw hammer in 1980 and released after serving 17 years. He was probably released by a liberal judge when he promised not to own claw hammers with a claw length of over 4 inches.

Paul G. Hayes said...

Anonymous doesn't mention that if today's shooter had been restricted to a hammer, the firefighters would be alive today.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I am wondering why you are not focusing on the violent action of the shooter rather than the weapon used.

Look, I know your goal here is to confuse the debate, obfuscate the problem, and not to argue in good faith, but let's explain it slowly and in small words:

without the gun, the fire would have been contained by the firefighters and fewer people died and injured.

Dick Armey has an army of little Dicks have you spotted any yet said...

I wonder if the shooter bought guns? Maybe some second amendment tshirts? Regularly rubbed elbows with some dues paying NRA members? Perhaps supported Gun Owners of America? Possibly donated to Rethuiglican causes?

Any of the above would be entirely lacking in cause and effect.