Sunday, December 16, 2012

Walker's Preposterous Job-Creation Claim Rated "Pants On Fire"

Nearly 100,000 jobs? You get "Pants On Fire Politifacted" when you're Liar, Liar.

Walker said the state has created "just under 100,000" jobs since he took office. He arrived at that number by combining full and partial years of census data.

However, several within his own administration, including his primary spokesman, have said that is the wrong way to measure jobs -- you can’t combine partial and full year data sets. As one aide said: It would be "misrepresenting the truth."

By his administration’s own yardstick, his statement is false. We think it’s ridiculous to -- after private admonitions -- publicly present it this way. Pants on Fire.
It's part of a bigger picture, and pattern, but this one takes the cake.


L said...

I am shocked, SHOCKED, to hear that Scottie is not entirely factual!

Anonymous said...

Only an indictment will get some people to see that Walker is as crooked as a $3 bill.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Even more hilarious, even if you believe the DWD's numbers (which haven't been confirmed) that same report shows private sector job growth is down 36% vs. the last year of the Doyle-Dem budget.

Not surprisingly, this fact isn't even broached by the Bradley Foundation Newsletter- I mean the Journal-Sentinel.