Friday, December 21, 2012

Walker Opposed To Closing Guns Show Loophole

Disappointing, yes: surprising no, that Scott Walker continues to support the loophole in the weak gun laws on the books that allow private gun sales, without background checks, by vendors and individuals at guns shows.

Pure pandering to his base.

I've attended several gun shows when researching issues for newspaper and freelance projects, and I'd recommend it to anyone as a learning experience.

In addition to guns, ammo knives, clothing and miscellaneous paraphernalia for sale - - from private as well as licensed sellers --  you can count on tables full of T-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers bashing liberal politicians.

At the last show I attended in SE Wisconsin, I even saw one hand-written sign at a dealer table  that said "If you voted Democrat, don't even talk to me."

Another sign said "Obama will sign a treaty with the UN to bann [Sic] guns."


Anonymous said...

I think you are just pissing in the wind unless you repeal the second amendment. and good luck with that.

Jim Bouman said...

There's an annual gun-nut show in Waukesha. They rent the County Expo Center (fairgrounds) and splash a lot of advertising:


By Spring, they may have t-shirts featuring the gun-nut mother of Newtown--the person who made it all possible.

Anonymous said...

standing up for a persons right to transfer their lawfully owned property to another is not a bad thing. If the government wants to restrict gun ownership than that is their problem, not mine. If a person who is a felon and is not legally able to own a gun purchases one then it is they who broke the law, not the private owner who sold it on good faith. It is not the job of private citizens to be law enforcement officials.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Gun shows are a legal artifice authored by the NRA and the Second Amendment has nothing to say about creating an environment where gun trafficking is unregulated.

If the government wants to restrict gun ownership than that is their problem, not mine.

Well, I support your right to move out of the country. I suspect, however, that you will find a distinct shortage of other countries willing to be so accepting of your gun fetish.

Anonymous said...

Walker is spineless.

Anonymous said...

What would repealing the 2nd amendment look like? I've seen this comment a few places and am wondering if that would mean that states are responsible for gun laws? I don't think it would outlaw gun ownership but I don't really know.

James Rowen said...

For the record: I never said anything about repealing the Second Amendment.

The Congress and the Court have recognized certain limitations on "arms" legally borne: You can't carry an RPG. There are high hurdles for owning a fully-automatic rifle, etc.

So the question now: Are there limitations the Court would recognize as Constitutional now?