Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bice Tracks $1.4 Million + In Recent NRA - - WI Donations

Think Scott Walker will ever veer from the NRA line, regardless of the number of guns victims?

Dan Bice tracks the hundred of thousands of reasons why that will never happen, along with other jaw-dropping money trails from the NRA into the Wisconsin political environment:

The NRA's political and corporate arms dropped $815,660 in independent expenditures in Wisconsin to help Walker defeat Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in an unprecedented recall election in June, according to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign...

The recall race isn't the only Wisconsin election in which the NRA was a major player.
According to figures compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, the gun group coughed up $571,000 in independent expenditures to try to help Republican candidate Tommy Thompson in his failed bid to defeat Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin for an open U.S. Senate seat.
Other direct NRA donations to Walker and Thompson put the total over $1.4 million. 


Anonymous said...

The NRA is the only organization offering an immediate workable response to school shootings and are offering assistance and expertise to accomplish it. Their program could offer effective protection of our school children’s lives right now. And what is your solution?

Anonymous said...

There is more that the NRA should be doing. They should be offering a new and expanded drone program. For the children. Big drones can protect the parking lots and playgrounds. Smaller drones can protect the gymnasiums and libraries. Insect sized drones can protect individual classrooms and other places like bathrooms. Drones everywhere. The NRA can help maintain and operate them under a government partnership program. There will be a large number of trigger pullers needed!

Lots of surveillance and the guaranteed counter assault from the various drone weapon systems will deter even the most motivated and crazy individuals from their plots. Should deterrence fail, then the drones will collect the video for the "allow us to defend ourselves with grenades and rockets" crowd.

All students can be issued Eddie Eagle bulletproof backpacks. The NRA will be willing to accept a smaller than normal profit in exchange for all the good publicity. High school ROTC programs can begin training the next generation of drone operators.

Possibly necessary in the future, if the above half measures do not get the job done; better perimeter defenses at the schools. Concertina wire and even claymores may be needed to fill the gaps and to help keep our Second Amendment rights in an insane world.

Becca said...

I'm not sure where this comment goes, but it has been interesting to read the Robert Bork looks-back, including Stanley Kutler in the CT, Toobin in The New Yorker, obits on the Post and NYT .. "dodged a bullet" comes up a lot in the comments following the NYT obituary. He redefined antitrust. Law students called him "protrust"

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:48 - and who will pay for it?

Anonymous said...

There are enough competent gun owners in every community who care enough about school children to volunteer their time to be present in their local schools so that it would not cost the school system a dime. These volunteers could rotate the schedules so that there no one person has to volunteer more than a few hours a week. If your local school district advertized for armed citizen volunteers, how many people do you think would show up? Maybe not as much in Madison but the rest of the state would have many more volunteers than they would need.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It would be interesting to get some feedback from the Insurance Companies who insure schools regarding this wonderful Guns In Schools idea. Let alone how they feel about VOLUNTEERS. I suspect "it won't cost the schools a dime" is a bit too glib.

All I know is that I don't want my kids' school to get Ted Nugent as a volunteer.

Also, I want the Mental Health screenings Quick Draw LaPierre endorsed to be applied to all of these eager volunteers. And applied HARD.