Saturday, December 22, 2012

From The Party That Brayed About, And Brought You Voter 'Fraud'...

A new scheme: just flat-out steal elections by changing the long-standing Electoral College rule - - that if you win the majority of the votes in your state, you get all the state's Electoral College Votes.

Winner take all.

Now Republicans, having lost twice to Obama, but also having gerrymandered Congressional seats in 2010 to created majority of safe GOP seats, now want to award Electoral votes by Congressional district - - changing the rules just to serve their temporary legislative majorities.

Had the GOP rule change been in effect in 2012, Obama would have beaten Romney in the state popular vote - -  but Romney would have been awarded five of nine Wisconsin electoral votes.

And here's the GOP's telegraphed tell for the scheme - - the warning for the rest of us from these people who keep losing Presidential elections because their message and policies are backward-looking:

Walker's position:

Walker open to changing state's Electoral College allocations

Really? Open to...

Stop with the fake understatement and pose.


Steve Byers said...

But note they only want to make the change in states that are or lean Democrat. No change in Republican states.

Laurette McGovern said...

I would only ask the Gov., Why?

It couldn't be that by changing the rules the Rebublicans would have won the state, could it!

How about putting the people first, and your party second?