Sunday, December 9, 2012

MI Gov. Snyder, WI Gov. Walker On The Environment

Gary Wilson at Great Lake Echo takes a look at regional Governors, environmental issues - -  notes the limitations and opportunities - -  and finds Scott Walker lacking:

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters says that Gov. Scott Walker has proven to be “the most anti-conservation governor in Wisconsin’s history.” It cited nine examples to support its claim, including an “attempt to eliminate recycling programs and fast track the filling of wetlands.” Wisconsin had historically been seen as a leader on environment issues.
Enter Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

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Norm Mackey said...

Well, he hasn't yet as far as I have heard. The assumption is apparently that he will accept a mass of emotional attacks and propaganda against wolves that consists of the same handful of petty incidents exaggerated over and over, nebulous or nonexistent numbers, and ignoring potential problems caused by the hunt including the potential of making all of the currently minor problems worse.

What he will have to sign is likely to lead directly to running wolves' natural population control backwards. Wolves limit their own numbers by making their packs larger with nonbreeding members and excluding other wolves from a larger territory to feed the packs' litter.

Wolves won't be endangered by a hunt, but Governor Snyder may have to justify removing them and making the packs smaller and opening room for new packs to compensate, as they do superbly for hunting.

He also has to justify feeding several times as much food to pups raised to replace the adults, starting every year at the same time both wolf pups and fawns are raised, and consider how many baby deer this wolf hunt may cost the state.