Saturday, December 15, 2012

Natural Resources Board Opens State Parks To Hunters, Trappers

The board scales back the acreage and time frames that Walker and legislators wanted, but still grants hunters and trappers access to public lands previously off-limits.

Public sentiment was overwhelmingly in opposition, so the final ruling is being called a compromise.


Safe dog traps for use in state parks for sale said...

So please do show me a safe trap for dogs.

Anonymous said...

What if a kid steps into the trap?

Anonymous said...

You are confusing the number of people who are speaking up as being the overwhelming voice of the public. It is not, only an actual public vote would prove that, and even then the majority is often wrong and quick to restrict the rights of the minority.

Since the DNR promotes hunting, and trapping and makes a profit by selling licenses, it is inconsistent that they not allow this on public lands including parks as long as it can be done safely.

just as there was no reason not to have a wolf hunt, there is no reason not to allow hunting and trapping in state parks.