Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photos From The 2012 Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

These photos were obtained from the Wisconsin DNR through an Open Records request. The agency said it does not photograph every legally killed wolf at its registration, so more information about the origin or location of the photos, and a handful of others sent to me, was not readily available.


TSKY said...

Makes me sick! I think everyone has to see these photographs and more. Maybe that will sensitize the public on the killing of these beautiful creatures.

James Rowen said...

Just a note that I prefer not to publish comments when the signature or text contains a link to a commercial website and without relevance to the topic.

Unknown said...

Totally awful! I hope the guys who murdered these gorgeous members of some wolf family pack had their testosterone levels go up in proportion to the disgust we feel for their actions. Apparently they needed it so badly that there just was no other way... Remind anyone of Newtown? Find a doctor, for Pete's sake!!!

Sabine Droste, MD