Saturday, December 8, 2012

Don't Wander Off Those Wisconsin State Park Trails...

Or you might, on most state park land and trails, catch a bullet or leg trap if the DNR has its way:

About two-thirds of the acreage in the Wisconsin state park and trail system would be open to hunting and trapping from Oct. 15 to late May, according to a proposal released Friday by the Department of Natural Resources.
The plan, which has attracted strong opposition, is the DNR's latest as it prepares to implement Act 168.
The Natural Resources Board takes it up Tuesday.


nonquixote said...

schlghb 2201If WI citizens are against this law taking effect and are not getting the response they want from their local state Representative, organizing volunteer nature lovers to set watch groups at your nearest State Park to casually hike in with any hunter seen in the parking lots to "help," them, "spot," potential game and, "enhance," their appreciation of nature might have the desired affect of limiting hunting in state parks to a ten day season.

nonquixote said...

Most hunters I know, and I know many, are ordinary people with a knack (sometimes) for locating wildlife and are likely going to prove to be helpful guides for non-hunting nature lovers.

With cell phones and cameras and a portable GPS device, groups of three wildlife observers wishing to see more wildlife would likely benefit from closely following every Elmer Fudd leaving the parking lots and staying close to them the whole trip. Pack a lunch, dress appropriately, you will likely see more wildlife than staying on the marked trails. If you see your "guide," setting a trap, be careful that you don't "accidentally," or "carelessly," trigger it.