Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Small Government Champ Vos Is Assembly Expense Account Leader, Too

Incoming Assembly leader Robin Vos, (R-Burlington), was just ahead of fellow GOP budget-cutter Scott Suder, (R-Abbotsford) in 2011 Assembly daily expense account claims,  this Journal Sentinel chart shows.

And the GOP-led Assembly is thinking about raising the rate above the $88 per day in tax-free, taxpayer-supplied expense money they can already claim just for showing up in the Capitol building even when the Legislature is out of session and no official meetings are scheduled.

From yesterday here:

WI Assembly Leadership, GOP Members Have Big Appetites 
Dreaming of more taxpayer-paid, tax-free expense money.
Their priorities are served:
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Max B said...

This is appalling. With the exception of Suder and Seidel, they all live within a couple of hours drive of Madison. If you want to save the taxpayers some money, brown-bag your lunch, carpool or better yet, use public transportation and combine your trips. The Senators and Assembly Reps that should be at the top of this list are those who live in the far north or the far southwest parts of the state: those who have to stay overnight every week. The rules should be changed so that legislators canNOT charge per diems for days on which the legislature is not in session, or there is not a scheduled meeting. Justify your claim, or don't get reimbursed--just like business requires.

Jim Bouman said...

Wisconsin is justly famous as the dairy state despite there being fewer cows now than in the past.
Nevertheless, MOOOOOOOchers like Vos and fellow MOOOOOOOOcher Suder keep up the tradition. We, of course, have Mitt Romney to thank for exposing the moochers who will never vote for him. Here we see exposed the Moochers who loved him and voted for his program to cut off mooching.
P.S. This is bi-partisan stuff. You'll not likely find a legislator of either party who'd propose ending the mooching.

Anonymous said...

Divorce is expensive and I am guessing he is taking a bath on this latest one. She knows where all the money is.