Friday, December 14, 2012

We Have To Break Free Of Dangerous Gun Lobby Domination

I posted this at my Journal Sentinel blog site:

Any politician, any opinion-maker, who is too afraid of the gun lobby, or says there's nothing to be done, and will not take leadership and act to better control handgun access in America that enables total lunatics to run wild even in an elementary school should be defeated, recalled or otherwise abandoned in favor of a citizen movement to save our children, temple worshippers, movie-goers, spa customers or people just sitting on their front porches.
Enough with the excuses and talking-point stupidity
Update: The White House has this all wrong:

White House: Today is not the day for gun-control debates

White House press secretary Jay Carney says President Obama has been briefed on the shooting, but that today is not the day to discuss policy.

For starters, we need long waiting periods for handgun purchases, magazine capacity limitations, and an assault weapon sales ban.

And a national movement to overcome lethargy and fear.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Typical liberal emotional response.

Blame the inanimate object rather than the individual.

This is a tragedy and the first response is... get rid of the guns. Last I checked, schools are gun free zone and murder is also illegal. If breaking those laws wasn't a deterrent to the shooter, why would a gun possession law deter them?

At the heart of this matter is the societal breakdown of the American family, social isolation, and the culture of glorifying violence, on TV, video games, movies, music etc...

And excuse my language, but the biggest issue is that there are just a lot of f'd up people in the world, which is precisely why law abiding citizens should be able to defend themselves with a firearm.

Why would you think that criminals still wouldn't have guns? Gun ownership was banned in the Netherlands when those kids were shot at the island camp a few years ago.

The societal ignorance on gun issue and thinking the answer is just to "ban" something is astounding. How is the ban on illegal drugs working out for the US?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

If today is not the day, WHAT DAY WILL BE?

Yeah, blame the individual. THE INDIVIDUAL WITH THE GUNS.

Oh, I am sure he could have gone down to the playground and strangled 27 people, one at a time.

Sue said...

And let's make sure that under no circumstances should we be willing to provide access to mental health care to f'd up people because socialism also we're broke also those people haven't earned it also bootstraps.
Have I forgotten anything?

Anonymous said...

and typical conservative response:

Blame the inanimate object rather than the individual.

Why are supposedly reasonable and sane people worried about not being able to hold their guns in their sweaty little hands? my guess is they are not reasonable and sane....and that is the problem that must be addressed: unstable individuals should not have guns.

it's not that hard to understand.

Reagan's Disciple said...

@ anon,

Are you suggesting that anyone who wishes to own or carry a gun is unreasonable or insane?

Your fear of guns cause you to sound like the unstable one.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Are you suggesting that anyone who wishes to own or carry a gun is unreasonable or insane?

No, Anon is not. As ever, reading comprehension goes by the wayside when it's time to defend the murder tool lobby again.

But frankly, it's not an unreasonable conclusion.