Monday, December 10, 2012

Wisconsin Is Open To Usury

Wisconsin Republican state officials with major shame deficits and unapologetic dependencies on lobbyists have tweaked the rules...and their friends in the pay day loan business have hit pay dirt and are back, baby - - and all it'll cost you to play, Bucky is, oh, interest pegged at 500%, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Give or take.

Conservatives can soothe ttheir consciences repeating talking point irrelavancies like 'borrowers making good choices' and 'giving consumers options' and 'opening up the free market.'

But enabling the extension of such intentionally exploitative credit brings only discredit to Wisconsin when

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet the very people that will be forced to use these loan sharks voted for Walker and his cronies.

Most are living pay check to pay check!

I believe this is called voting against your own best interests.

In this case 500%.

I'll also bet that they are blaming them there libruls. Them there socialists. Them commies for their plight.