Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rick Snyder Has Done The Impossible

He dethroned Scott Walker as America's Most Devious Governor.


Paul Berge said...

Hearing him talk on Morning Joe today about how wonderful RTW will be for Michigan, it's hard to imagine how just a couple days ago this was "not a priority."

Reagan's Disciple said...

How devious of him and the other elected officials...

Allowing individuals to actually chose whether or not they want to belong to a union rather than forcing them into membership.

And for this he is vilified? What country is this? Or rather, what country do you really want this to be?

Anonymous said...

Reagan was an idiot. With Nixon, it was "what did he know and when did he know it?" With Reagan, it was more like "what didnt he know and when did he forget that?"

Paul Berge said...

"Or rather, what country do you really want this to be?"
Not Guatemala, Pakistan, or Angola.
But once Republican RTW laws have us reduced wage and safety standards in this country to Guatemalans, Pakistani and Angolan levels, I guess we won't have a choice.

Anonymous said...

This law bans employers from voluntarily choosing to source their employees through a labor union. Why would you want to restrict the freedom of employers to choose how they do business?

Reagan's Disciple said...


I'm guessing your more of a USSR, China, N. Korea guy yourself.

Forcing someone to belong to a labor union? So much for land of the free, hey?

Not sure what you mean by not having a choice? There are millions of excellent wage and benefit paying jobs that are not unionized.

Unfortunately, the outdated folks with union mentality want people to be judged and paid as a collective group, lowering themselves to the lowest common denominator. I as it seems most others, would rather be judged as as the individuals that we are.

Anonymous said...

Workers have never been forced to join unions at any workplace. But if the majority has voted in a union to represent workers with management, then all workers paid the union for the services it performs on their behalf.

Right-to-Work laws just say that in union shops, the union does not have to be compensated by all employees for the service it performs for ALL employees. Imagine if the state mandated such a work-for-free rule for any other service provider. That provider would soon go broke which is just what Snyder intends.

This is government interfering with business. Michigan business fear this law will stir up labor unrest where productive relationships were in place.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:16

You beat me to the punch! Imagine telling the Chamber of Commerce you want all the benefits of memebership but your not going to pay for it. I bet you won't get very far.

...Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost

Ronald Reagan Sept. 1, 1980

Reagan's Disciple said...

@anon 12:16.

Sorry, but Reagan was referring to the oppressed workers in a communist Poland.

Besides, this isn't outlawing unions, it is merely allowing individual their freedom to CHOOSE whether or not they wish to belong in one.

If they are so great, there should be absolutely no reason to force membership upon an individual as a requirement of employment. To do otherwise, is really similar to a 1980s communist Poland.

They are not forcing membership, nor are they outlawing unions. It is about a free choice. hmmm... funny.... isn't that exactly what the Democrat party fights for on other issues?

Anonymous said...

@Reagan's Disciple

The fact that he was talking about Poland is the point. The unions will be the buffer to keep us from becoming oppressed workers. The free choice you keep talking about is not in this bill becasue you have the right to opt out of a union and you have the right to pick and chose which dues you want to pay. Secondly I can't believe your foolish enough or maybe I can given your call name that you want to give up future pay rates and benefit packages for a choice that doesn't exist. What else are you willing to give up for free? Obviously your money for taxes since Ronnie raised your taxes 13 times.