Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Buffet In Joel Kleefisch's Mind

Seems the GOP legislator from Oconomowoc lives by "food for thought."

*  On taking Walker's cue and abandoning eliminating same-day voter registration:

"There's no soup," he said. "I'm just gathering ingredients..."
*  On pushing for a Sandhill crane hunt:
"Many call (sandhill cranes) the ribeye of the sky," Kleefisch said.
*  On pushing for a wolf hunt:
A press release sent out by State Rep. Joel Kleefisch this week contained an odd typo...
The release praised the state Senate for passing a bill co-authored by Kleefisch that made hunting wolves legal. But...the representative accidentally wrote "marinating" the "viable and sustainable pack."
* On when it's OK to have a member of the Assembly cast someone else's vote:
So what is going on with Kleefisch -- who admits he voted for another rep?

"The rule says you have to be present in the chamber.  The bathroom counts as the chamber.  And the parlor counts as a chamber if you are going to eat," said Joel Kleefisch.


Anonymous said...

Now that the do nothing, job destroying democrats are out of power, the republicans are now energized to get Wisconsin out of the rut we have been stuck in and finally move forward. The wolf hunt is a big success,and crane hunting would be great sport also. The first item on the agenda is restoring mining to Wisconsin and Kleefisch is at the forefront of that also. All I can say is "thank you Joel, and keep up the good work".

Boxer said...

What is on Joel Kleefisch's mind and in his gullet are two equally disgusting propositions.

Anonymous said...

So far Kleefisch's solution to "getting out of the rut" has been to dig deeper.