Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wisconsin AG Blows Kiss To Gun Lobby

How far down the right-wing rabbit hole have GOP policy-makers dragged the State of Wisconsin?

This far: Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen today attacked "knee-jerk" proposals that would ban the very type of semi-automatic rifle and high-capacity ammunition magazines used in the Newtown, CN shooting.

In an interview in the state Capitol on Tuesday, Van Hollen said some had taken a "knee-jerk" reaction to the news and that he wasn't convinced proposals to ban semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity magazines would have made any difference in this case.
"I'm certainly not going to buy into that today...."
To the good people of Newtown: "we're sorry."


Reagan's Disciple said...

What should the penalty be for someone caught violating a potential gun law?

Illegal possession for example?
Possessing an AR-15?
Possessing a hi-cap magazine?

What would you libs suggest, min/max sentences, fines?

Licensed concealed carry, military trained, permit holder said...

How many pot smokers are currently serving prison terms for possession and use of a plant?

All we need to do is convince the private prisons companies to look at illegal gun possession as a possible "new" revenue source and bingo! They will be the ones lobbying for long harsh sentences without any help from the "libs".

Here a question or two for pro gun supporters.
Why don't we have a law that makes it LEGAL to conceal carry into the halls of Congress? Into the galleries of the peoples houses?

Why would kids in school be safer with more guns in schools and yet congress won't allow more guns in their work space to "make them safer"?
For that matter why not more guns on planes to make us all safer when we fly?

And am I to understand that pro gun supporters want to put guns in the hands of teachers and other school staff.?

Now would that be the same school staff, the same union staff that has been battered and belittled for being lazy money grubbing union thugs?

And if they are armed will they be paid "combat pay" for confronting armed intruders?

Will that be a new union benefit?

Oh and who will pay for their weapons and training? Will new teacher have to demonstrate their combat arms skills before getting hired?